Call Bouncer

It's your phone shouldn't you choose who gets to use it?

Free to Use

Basic features are free to use with no ads.

Flexible Bouncing

Allowing bounced calls to be either rejected, blocked, or silenced. Enable and disable call bouncing when needed.

Caller Number Verification

Caller verification using STIR/SHAKEN on Android 11 and higher

Additional Premium Features Available

Not flexible enough for your needs? No problem additional premium features are available

Take back control of your phone

When your phone rings do you know it's from a caller you want to answer calls from? When your phone rings do you still take it out of your pocket only to see "Potential Spam" and just put it back away. If you've had to look at your phone to decide whether or not to take the call, you've already been disturbed by that caller. Too many of us have forgotten that it's your phone. The Spammers, Political phone banks, and nuisance callers are all using your phone without your permission to disturb you. But it doesn't have to be this way. With Call Bouncer you know, without a doubt, that the caller is someone you've allowed access to call your phone, plain and simple. No more checking to see if you need to ignore the call. No more unnecessary interruptions by calls you were never going to answer in the first place. Finally, you can take back your phone.

Call Bouncer is a different kind of call blocker/call screener. Instead of allowing the caller to disturb you so you can make a decision Call Bouncer stops unwanted callers before your phone ever rings. Bottom line, if you phone rings its only because you've allowed that caller to use your phone.


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